Ten48 Inc.

Welcome to TEN48 Inc.

TEN48 is an exclusive agency, representing actors, models, and voice talent based on resume and acting ability.  We represent talent for Film, Television, and Modeling submitting for Principal, Actor, SOC, Stand In, Voice Over, and Print roles.  TEN48 works with ACTRA, casting directors, producers, and photographers locally, provincially and nationally.  We pride ourselves in knowing our talent, advising, guiding and working with them to assist them to achieve their goals.  We also allow our talent to know us....know who to reach, know how to reach us, know what they have been submitted for, know when they will be paid, know that we are working hard for them and that we care.


TEN48 works with all major film and television productions that come to Alberta. We also are very supportive of Independent films and film makers, recognizing that sometimes a bigger role in a smaller film may be great experience and what is needed on a resume.

Although Alberta is not a mecca for fashion or runway modelling, there are several model jobs that are booked through our agency.  TEN48 is called upon by clients and photographers looking for "real people" models, for stock photography, magazine ads, and brochures.

TEN48 works with casting directors from both commercial and animation voice over projects.  Voice talent is more than just reading lines.  It is sometimes perceived as even more difficult than acting, because you have only your voice to portray emotion. TEN48 currently represents very skilled voice over talent, and will direct you if you are wanting to enhance your skills.


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