My name is Robyn Hamilton and my son Aidan has been acting in Vancouver and then Calgary since he was a year old. In the past 7 years we have had a few different agents in both provinces and interviewed even more.

Aidan started with the agency Jay Fox worked for in May of 2011 and she sent him out for any audition that he fit the profile for. She always called, texted or e-mailed me to keep me in the loop and give me feedback. In all the years my son has been acting I have never met a more committed agent. One night when he had a big shoot the next day and I was freaking out she was texting back and forth with me at midnight.

I feel that Jay actually cares about my son and our whole family not about how much money she can make off us. (Although I am happy for her to take her commission as I feel she really earns it and more.) She cares about keeping my son working and helping him become a better actor and person. It is amazing to me that we never even met her in person until a couple of months ago and I feel like she is family. I told her in the summer, before we met in person, that if she ever decided to go out on her own we would follow her to the end of the earth and we will. In my personal experience it is impossible to find a more committed, caring, straight up agent then Jay. She truly cares about the talent she works with. If you want someone you can trust to care for you, keep you in the loop and work hard for you Jay is the agent you are looking for!

Robyn Hamilton mom of Aidan Hamilton Calgary AB Canada 

Jay fox has taken my acting career to new heights over the past 3 years. She has world class professionalism, industry knowledge and genuinely cares about her client's best interests. I am proud to have Jay as my agent. I believe in her the way she believes in me.

Darryl Stogre 

I started working with Jay the fall of 2009. I found her very likable and easy to talk to. I had always had an interest in the film industry, but had no knowledge or experience, and was very eager to learn more. Jay spent a considerable amount of time giving me valuable information about the industry in general, acting, and how I might get involved. I appreciated her honesty.....and her enthusiasm
was contagious.....I was intrigued...and there it began.... I joined her team and started working the following month. Initially I worked as an Extra. I really enjoyed the environment and people, and was hooked....I wanted more. Jay gave me lots of suggestions, on how to develop my acting skills and hooked me up with some great workshops and I joined The Company of Rogues Actors studio. She coached me step by step in what I needed to do, how I needed to build my resume and what I was to expect. By the New Year I had my first real audition. And by the following September I received my ACTRA status. Without Jay's personal hands on attention and care, I never would have done so well. She is knowledeable, committed, and continually learning so she can stay on top of her job and provide the best care to all her talent. I have really enjoyed my time with Jay and foresee a long relationship at TEN48 with great successes to come.

Sondra Musa

I have worked directly with Talent Agent, Jay Fox, since 2007, collaborating on background talent and principal performer submissions for film, television and commercial projects shot in Calgary, Alberta. She has proven herself to be both a flexible and a reliable Talent Agent, even under the most dynamic production circumstances. I look forward to continuing this working relationship with the team at Ten48 Inc.

Louise Mackiewicz, C.D.C.
Casting Director - The Casting Line Canada Inc.