Q: Is there a fee to be represented by TEN48?

A: No, there are no fees. Once you make money, TEN48 will then charge an agency fee of 15%, from your earnings.

Q: Do I need to audition to be represented by TEN48?

A: Yes, unless your resume lists several principle roles, you will be asked to do a monologue and a scene prior to being considered for representation.

Q: Do you accept actors with a theatre background.

A: We recognize that theatre acting can be translated to film and television. In addition to seeing this on your resume, an audition will be required.

Q: Does TEN48 receive breakdowns from Casting Workbook and Breakdown Services?

A: Yes, we work with both Casting Workbook and Breakdown Services, among others, submitting appropriate talent for roles provincially and nationally.

Q:  Will I know that I have been submitted for jobs, even if I am not selected to audition?

A:  Yes, we keep track of every job you are submitted for, and can have that information available to you.

Q:  Will you get and pass along feedback from the casting directors on my auditions.

A:  Yes, we do ask the casting directors for feedback after every set of auditions.  In most cases the casting directors provide feedback.  On rare occasions their schedule does not give them the luxury for such discussions.

Q:  If I get a notice from ACTRA about a role, do I need to email you to confirm I have been submitted?

A:  It is most likely that if you are right for the role, you would have already been submitted.  We do however, want to make sure that nothing is missed.  So, by all means, send anything you hear in the industry our way!

Q:  If I auditioned for your agency and was not accepted, how long do I  have to wait before I can audition again.

A:  There is no set time.  If you have taken an acting class since your last audition, that would be a reason to re-audition.  Also, if you truly feel that you were just "off"... and are better than your audition proved, we may agree to see you again without anything more on your resume.

Q:  What types of changes to my appearance do you need to be made aware of?

A:  If the photo and stats that you provided, are not representative of how you look, it is very important that we know.  The casting directors are expecting to see what they have previewed from your profile page.  Also, you may be more suitable for jobs with your "new" appearance, so letting us know would be important in that regard.

Q:  What if I have already secured a role, prior to being represented by you.  Do I have to give up an agency fee on that specific job?

A:  No, we recognize that we were not a part of you getting that role.  If however, you want our services in negotiating contracts or residuals etc, we will then discuss compensation for that.

Q:  I understand this is a smaller agency.  Will I miss out on being submitted because there are not enough agents to do all the submissions?

A:  Never!  Being a small agency is an advantage to you, as there are fewer talent to be submitted, and you will not be overlooked.  A small, or more exclusive agency does not mean that you will be submitted less, on the contrary. 

Q:  I'm working towards taking my acting career to a new level, and possibly move to Vancouver, Toronto, or LA.  Would you support this?

A:  Absolutely!  At TEN48, that is one of our goals....to assist you in your acting career, as far as you want to take it.